The Australian financial year covers the months starting from the 1st of July to the 30th of June of the next year and with the end of financial year comes the tax season, which allows you to lodge your tax returns until the 31st of October for the current financial year. Using a registered tax agent is beneficial, as not only it will make your lodgement much easier, but could also give you benefits such as getting extended due dates to lodge your tax return. Once you are on board with your tax returns with us, you are also exposed to life time of consulting, advice, and assistance to meet your financial goals that are relevant to our expertise.

We do understand that taxation laws and rulings may scare you away, that is why we are here to help. You will feel like home, your taxation matters will be explained in plain English by our well trained and dedicated team because we want to make sure that you understand the process, requirements, and benefits involved in your tax return lodgement process.

With our highly trained and qualified accountants, lodging your tax returns will be simple and hassle free. All returns are prepared according to your personal circumstances and we always make sure that our clients are able to maximize their yearly tax refund.

Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way. At Counting Edge Accountants, we make sure that all tax returns are prepared and lodged in a proper manner, following the highest possible standards while keeping your information safe. Our qualified team is trustworthy and professional, keeping your private information and financial details in strict confidentiality.

The A-Z Process

  • We will let you know what documents are required for your circumstances.
  • We will then arrange a meeting in person, via emails, or phone. Whichever best suits your convenience to perform our services.
  • We will then submit your prepared tax return upon your approval usually within the next business day and we will notify you once completed.
  • You will then be updated continuously of the progress via your contact details.
  • We will do our best to handle any issues if they arise side by side with you and try to get this resolved for you.

We understand that you our clients are busy. Sometimes, it can be hard to take the time off or give up your work day to make an in office tax return appointment. That’s why we made sure that we will available whenever you are free and anywhere you are with our assisted online tax return process.

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