Tax Returns

a) Individual Tax Return


To get your tax return process streamlined we can help you with your individual tax returns. We can assess your income and related deductions, and prepare your tax returns with the best possible outcome in compliance with ATO legislation. We have a team of qualified accountants who are up to date with the current legislation and will help you through the process and ensure maximum refunds while upholding the integrity and confidentiality of client’s personal information. We provide comprehensive service at par with quality standards using efficient software. There is no hidden fees about our process as we are transparent about our billings and associated cost.

We offer services for:

–  Individual and Business Tax Returns

–  Tax Return with Complex or Other Income (Managed Funds, Dividends, and Interest Earned)

–  Investment Property

  • –  Tax Amendments & Objections
  • –  Foreign Source Income
  • –  Overdue Tax Returns
  • –  Deceased Estate tax return
  • –  Medical Levy Exemption
  • –  Capital Gain Tax (Sale of Property, Cryptocurrencies, Shares and any other Assets)
  • – Non-Lodgement Advice

The A-Z Process
  • –  We will let you know what documents are required for your circumstances.
  • –  We will then arrange a meeting in person, via emails, or phone. Whichever best suits your convenience to perform our services.
  • –  We will then submit your prepared tax return upon your approval usually within the next business day and we will notify you once completed.
  • –  You will then be updated continuously on the progress via your contact details.
  • –  We will do our best to handle any issues if they arise side by side with you and try to get this resolved for you.
  • We understand that you our clients are busy. Sometimes, it can be hard to take the time off or give up your work day to make an in-office tax return appointment. That’s why we made sure that we will available whenever you are free and anywhere you are with our assisted online tax return process.

b) Business Tax Return


Running a business can be an overwhelming process, making key decisions at the right time is the difference between success an failure. Our team of accountant help you relieve your stress by taking care of your taxation. Our accountants are up to date with the changing tax laws, which enables you to reduce your tax liability and enhance business cash flow. We also keep you updated with the assistance provided by the government to make sure that you capitalise with the relevant government assistance. We also help you with resolving disputes with Australian Taxation Office, our team of accountants can liaise and represent your issues and avoid or minimise any penalties or litigation costs. We offer you advise about the appropriate business structure that best suits your needs.

We offer the following services:
  • –  Free initial consultation
  • –  FBT Return
  • –  Effective Tax Planning
  • –  Liaising with ATO
  • – Company, Trust, Partnerships & Sole Traders Tax Returns