Common Questions

We can book a no obligation and free appointment, where we will be consulting about our business needs and advice you the right accounting package that is tailored made for your business. Once we agree to our terms of engagement then you can inform your previous accountant about the switch or advise us to act on your behalf.

Your previous accountant will handover your financial details and all the paperwork to us and we will take care of it from there onwards.

You are the decision maker for your business, if you think that your current accountant is not up to your expectations of if you are confident that the services we offer would is more feasible for you then you can make the switch at any given point of time.
There are various reason why the ATO may hold up your refund and can either one of the following: A Compromised TFN, cross-checking information, a complex tax return, identity verification by the ATO, further manual processing required by the ATO, or other possible audit reasons as stipulated by the ATO. If this happens contact us on 1300 829 3343 or you can contact ATO on 13 28 61 to find out further.
The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will aim to process your tax refund within 12 working days from the lodgement date, but they may take up to 30 calendar days, if it takes longer than 30 days we will act as your authorised tax agent to contact the Australian Tax Office on your behalf to try to resolve this for you.
We know it may be hard time for you and you don’t have enough money in your bank account to pay an ATO tax bill, but it’s still better to get your tax returns up to date now to avoid the late lodgement penalty. After the tax returns are lodged, we can contact the ATO on your behalf to arrange a flexible payment schedule (pay a fixed amount every week, month or quarter) with the ATO.
We can help you by checking with the ATO records. Just give us a call or email us and we will let you know your tax status in just a few minutes.
The ATO collects information about your income from banks, employers, government agencies, and other parties. We can get your income records directly from the ATO records and help complete your overdue tax returns.
If you earned an income in Australia but while you are a foreign resident, you still must lodge a tax return and pay tax on all income earned in the country.
Whether or not you earned an income for the year, you can either lodge a tax return or submit and Non Lodgement Advice (NLA) to the ATO. If you are unsure, you can always use ATO’s ‘Do I need to lodge a tax return’ tool on their website or contact us to find out more information
Please remember that the ATO will never forget about your tax returns. If they haven’t fined you doesn’t mean they will not fine you, so it’s always better to be on the front foot with the ATO. So contact us to book an appointment to help get your tax affairs up to date.
You’ll need to lodge a Medicare Levy Exemption statement form to the Medicare office, please contact us and we’ll help you get it done as part of your tax return.
Don’t worry, you don’t lose that money. We can lodge an amendment to your tax returns and get that money back for you.

Over the past few years, Uber has taken Australia by storm as a new, unique and flexible way of earning additional income for almost every one with a good car. As an Uber driver, the ATO sees you as self-employed – that means you’re not an employee of Uber, you’re a independent contractor. It’s important to remember that when you’re not an employee, Uber has no obligation to manage your tax affairs, you’re running your own business and you have to take care of your tax affairs by yourself.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is very clear about this:
• Any money you earn from driving for Uber is your income – that means you must declare it on your Tax Return and pay tax on it every year.
• As a Uber driver you must register for GST then start to lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS) quarterly, even if you earn less than the $75,000 GST income threshold – you may have to pay GST payable quarterly.

We know when it comes to taxes, it is stress and headache, so contact us now to get your tax affairs managed properly and correctly

If your overdue tax return lodgement results in a refund or you don’t have money to pay our fee upfront, you may be able to take advantage of our ARA service, this allows you to have your fee deducted from your refund, and we will keep you updated once your tax return has been processed. It’s also important to understand that at Counting Edge Accountants there is no one off transaction. We will continue to assist you with your tax returns, provide you with professional advice and even find solutions for your goals and other complex financial matters. Please refer to our website for other services provided.

The ATO automatically triggers a quarterly PAYG instalment plan for you to pay tax in advance for the future upcoming financial year, generally due to the income you earned from a previous financial year from sources such as rental property, business income, interest, dividends and distributions from trust/partnership over a certain net amount.